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Jadaliyya / جدليّة

Notice créée le 16/04/2015, Notice révisée le 05/05/2015

Jadaliyya is a collective ezine [electronicmagazine] launched in 2011 by the Arab Studies Institute, a not-for-profit organization publishing knowledge on the Arab World. With an editorial team, and a constantly growing team of volunteering contributors from the Middle East, Europe, and the United States, Jadaliyya offers an insightful source of information, and critical analysis on the contemporary Arab World.

The posts can be searched by keyword on any page of the blog. Posts can also be browsed by:

  • Category such as Culture, Reports, Interviews, etc. using the menu at the top of page
  • Country such as Egypt, Syria, Arabian Peninsula, etc. using either the top and dropdown menus, or the interactive map
  • Topic using the dropdown menu
  • Tag through the Wordcloud.

In addition, a Quick thoughts section aims to « provide […] background and analysis on topics in the news ».

Primarily in English, the website includes a section in Arabic, and publishes posts in Arabic, French, English and Turkish.

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  • > New Texts Out Now: Mazen Masri, The Dynamics of Exclusionary Constitutionalism: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State

    Mazen Masri, The Dynamics of Exclusionary Constitutionalism: Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State. London: Bloomsbury Professional, 2017.

    Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book?

    Mazen Masri (MM): The question of the book – Israel’s definition as a Jewish and democratic state – is one that I have been preoccupied with since I took the constitutional law course in the first year of my law degree at the Hebrew University. I was struck by how this contradiction is explained away using li...

  • > حوار مع مظفر النواب - الجزء الأخير

    س: هناك حديث كثير عن أزمة الشعر وعن العلاقة بين تطور الوسائل السمعية والبصرية والرقابة والمصاعب المادية وأسعار الورق. فهل الشعر في أزمة؟

    م ن: لقد طرحت أشياء عديدة. إن طغيان المرئيات، التلفزيون والـ «سي إن إن» وغيرها، سوف يشغل الناس لفترة. لكن الأذن تظل دائماً بحاجة إلى شيء آخر. أنا مثلاً لا أحب أن أشاهد التلفزيون كثيراً. أحب أن أسمع ولا أدري لماذا. بعد فترة سيكون هناك توازن مرة ثانية. الجانب الثاني هو أسعار الورق والرقابة. طبعاً هذه تؤثر بشكل سلبي. وعندنا في البلاد العربية هذه الظاهرة، مع الأ...

  • > سنديان السويداء ولعنة الحرب السورية

    تمتد أحراج السنديان في السويداء على مساحة مئات الدونمات في قرى الكفر والسهوة وقنوات وعلى أطراف المدينة الشرقية فيما يعرف بمحمية الضمنة، وحتى بداية الحرب السورية كانت مقصدا للاستجمام والرحلات ومتنفساً لأهل المدينة بما تحتويه من مناظر طبيعية وهواء نظيف.

    السنديان أشجار دائمة الخضرة وبطيئة النمو ومعمرة قد تصل إلى مئات السنين تتميز بخشب قاسي ومتين ويعتبر من أفضل أنواع الخشب، كما أنّ هكتاراً واحداً من السنديان يمتص ما يقارب 15 طن من غاز ثاني اكسيد الكربون في السنة ويطرح ما يعادلها من الاكسجين، ويعد...

  • > Full Circles: Hamas Goes to Cairo

    During the past week, a Hamas delegation paid an official visit to Egypt, which these days is news in and of itself. During its time in Cairo, the delegation also met with former Fatah warlord Muhammad Dahlan, which is even bigger news.

    The Hamas delegation was led by Yahya Sinwar. A leader of Hamas’s Martyr Izz-al-Din Qassam Brigades – who served more than twenty years in Israel’s prisons until released in a 2011 exchange – Sinwar was recently elected to lead the movement in the occupied Gaz...

  • > Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council Crisis

    It is tempting, and not entirely inaccurate, to dismiss the escalating crisis between Qatar and a number of its neighbors as a petulant princely playground spat. Extending this tempting logic, one could conclude that decisive victory by each of the protagonists would be the optimal outcome. Yet the dispute also reflects deeper dynamics in Arab and regional politics that are shaping the increasingly turbulent and violent realities of the Middle East.

    Saudi Arabia’s Gulf Cooperation Council


  • > Survivor: Life After Cluster Bomb

    Survivor is a decade-long documentary photography project following the story of Mohammed, a young cluster bomb survivor. During the summer 2006 Israel-Hizbollah war in Lebanon he was riding as a passenger on his father's motorbike when it struck a cluster bomb. Over the past 10 years I have documented how Mohammed, like so many other survivors around the world, lives with the horrifying repercussions of cluster munitions.

    Mohammed was eleven years old when he lost both legs during the last w...

  • > Des bidonvilles aux villes de béton : une somme sur l’évolution urbaine d’Alger

    Recensé: Rachid Sidi Boumedine, Bétonvilles contre bidonvilles. Cent ans de bidonvilles à Alger (Alger : APIC éditions, 2016)

    Il est rare, en Europe ou aux Etats-Unis, que les professionnels de l'urbanisme soient en même temps des chercheurs occupant une position centrale dans le champ académique des études urbaines[1]. Tel est en revanche le cas en Tunisie d'un Morched Chabbi, et en Algérie d'un Rachid Sidi Boumedine, tous deux à la fois sociologues et urbanistes praticiens. Ayant alterné re...

  • > Caught Between Two Fires: Sudanese Refugees in Jordan

    Ahmad is poised as a journalist from Kutum, a town that lies 120 kilm away from El Fasher, the capital of North Darfur in Sudan. His towering figure and wide shoulders sway slowly with each calculated step he takes around his home’s uneven floor, leaning on his aluminum cane for support. He is among the many Darfuris that have in recent years actively spoken out about persecution in their homeland:

    I am forced to raise my voice because my family members are victims. There are real problems: ...

  • > استذكار غرامشي

    "ماذا سيكون رأي غرامشي حيال مآزقنا الحالية؟" تساءلَ رئيس بلدية مدينة كالياري الإيطالية اليساري الشاب ماسيمو زيدا ثم أجاب: "ربما سيفكّر بأن أمورنا تحسنت، لكننا نواجه أيضاً مشاكل كثيرة في سردينيا... ولهذا نحتاج إلى أن نتنظّم". بهذا التصريح أعلن رئيس البلدية الذي يرتدي الجينزالأزرق عام 2017 "عاماً لغرامشي" وافتتح مؤتمر "قرن من الثورات: مسارات غرامشية في العالم". وكان 27 نيسان لحظة مناسبة لتسليط الضوء من جديد على حياة وأعمال أنطونيو غرامشي في الذكرى الثمانين لموته، في السنة التي حددت أيضاً الذكرى...

  • > Syria’s Rebels, Before and After Aleppo: A STATUS/الوضع Conversation between Bassam Haddad and Aron Lund

    In this conversation for STATUS/الوضع, host Bassam Haddad talks to Aron Lund about the state and status of Syria’s rebels, more than five months after the battle for Aleppo. Lund addresses the aftermath of the rebels defeat in east Aleppo in December 2016 and the significance of this loss for the opposition in general as well as the armed groups. Bassam also asks Lund to elaborate on what he thinks explains the pattern of mergers and factionalism among rebel groups over the years. The convers...

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